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About Us

Daniel Richheimer


Daniel learned carpentry and design at a young age from his father who was a builder in Spain.  He worked as a furniture maker, carpenter, and contractor before attending Graduate Architecture School and then completing his Masters in Industrial Design at RISD.  After graduating he worked in design and architecture firms before founding Red Plum Studio in 1998.   

Jennifer Kennedy


Jennifer is a talented artist and designer and has been working with fabric, paper, and ceramics for many years.  She is a skilled seamstress, bookmaker, and ceramicist.  She received a Bachelors of Fine Art in Ceramics from the Rhode Island of Design, then went on to receive her Masters in Industrial Design.  She worked as color consultant, costume designer, and interior designer before co-founding Red Plum Studio.  

Adan Lopez

Lead Carpenter

Adan is a master craftsman, tile setter, and electrician.  He has been working in construction since he was 10 years old. He has built his own custom home in Mexico and is an integral part of Red Plum Studio's projects.  

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